Modern Polish porcelain shop in Warsaw

Porcelanowa - Modern and Design Souvenirs from Poland

situated close to Zachęta Modern Gallery

Kredytowa 2 Street, Warsaw, Poland within walking distance from Krakowskie Przedmieście and Warsaw Old Town

selected range of designed products

At Porcelanowa, we offer a diverse range of Polish porcelain, carefully selected from both industrial production and small boutique manufacturers. Each cup and saucer in our shop is meticulously designed by an artist, ensuring a unique and artistic touch. Our focus is on promoting Polish talent and presenting limited editions that are often not easily accessible elsewhere.

Modern and Design Souvenirs from Poland:

In addition to our exquisite selection of Polish porcelain, Porcelanowa also offers a range of modern and design souvenirs that beautifully represent the artistic heritage of Poland. These unique and thoughtfully crafted items make for exceptional gifts or personal keepsakes.

Our shop features a curated collection of contemporary Polish design souvenirs, showcasing the country's rich artistic traditions with a modern twist. From intricately designed decorative objects to functional items, each souvenir embodies the creativity and craftsmanship of Polish artists and designers.

You will discover a variety of options, including innovative home decor pieces, stylish accessories, and artistic interpretations of traditional Polish motifs. Our focus is on collaborating with talented designers who bring a fresh perspective to Polish culture, blending tradition with contemporary aesthetics.

By offering these modern and design souvenirs, we strive to provide visitors with a memorable and authentic representation of Poland's vibrant art scene. Whether you're looking for a unique memento of your trip or a special gift for a loved one, our collection of modern and design souvenirs captures the essence of Polish creativity and innovation.

porcelain cups, vases and mugs :

We have established collaborations with renowned Polish producers such as "Ćmielów," "Chodzież," and "Huta Julia" featuring their artistic design lines, including Ćmielów Design Studio and Modus Design Studio Marka Cecuły. By curating their offerings, we bring you the best of their artistic designs.

Promoting Artists:

One of our top priorities is promoting artists and providing a platform for contemporary designers. We proudly showcase projects from rising stars in the industry, including Ende Ceramics, Hadaki, Aoomi, and Cerama. Moreover, we offer increasingly recognized vases made by Malwina Konopacka, as well as exquisite porcelain objects created by Monika Patuszynska.

Expansion into Glassware:

To diversify our offerings, we have recently introduced glass objects designed by Agnieszka Bar, one of the most esteemed Polish artists specializing in glass. These unique pieces add a touch of elegance and variety to our collection. Furthermore, we are pleased to present the newest collections of crystal glass, designed by Sebastian Pietkiewicz and his wife Elżbieta for Julia Crystal Factory.

Contact Information:

Store Hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
  • Sunday: Closed

Languages spoken: French and English

 Visit Porcelanowa to explore these captivating souvenirs that beautifully combine tradition, art, and modern design. 


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